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Lamb Shoulder vs. Leg: Unraveling the Culinary Mystery of Two Classic Cuts

Lamb is a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Healthy, lean and tasty, it’s ideal for all kinds of delicious home cooked meals. A brilliant ingredient for families, gym goers and anyone embarking on a January health kick, Prime Gourmet is proud to offer a wide range of different lamb products, including lamb shoulders, lamb legs, lamb chops and much more. 

Sourced from Silver Fern Farms, the renowned specialist in 100 percent grass-fed beef, lamb and venison, all our lamb products are pasture raised in New Zealand.


As an ethical brand that cares deeply about the environment, each Silver Fern Farms lamb product is free from antibiotics and hormones and produced under the highest safety standards. Expertly packed to retain maximum freshness and flavour, Silver Fern Farm’s much-loved lamb range strikes the perfect balance between luxurious and lavish, and lean and nourishing. All 100% halal, and sourced from happy, healthy animals that have been cared for in the fresh air and lush greenery of the New Zealand countryside, every product is always of the same consistently incredible high quality. 

However, if you’re new to cooking with lamb, you might be a bit confused about which cut to use with each recipe.  

After all, with so many different products on offer, it can be hard to know whether lamb shoulder or leg is the best option for your family Sunday roast, or if you should choose lamb chops or a lamb rack for your next BBQ. 

So, we’ve decided to provide a quick guide to all the juicy and exceptional lamb products in our catalogue. This blog takes a deep dive into which part of the animal each cut is from, and how to cook them to achieve maximum extraordinary taste and texture.

Lamb shoulder

The lamb shoulder is a strong and well used body part, and that means it is full of vibrant flavour. It can take a while to soften, and so the best way to cook it is through stewing or slow roasting. Simply prepare with a classic herb rub of rosemary, garlic, sea salt, black pepper and olive oil, cook until tender, and serve with a selection of your favourite roast vegetables. At Prime Gourmet, we offer both lamb shoulder bone in and lamb shoulder boneless .Grass-fed from New Zealand they are ideal for heartwarming roasts and family dinners. Or, for extra ease and convenience, our ready-to-eat New Zealand grass-fed lamb shoulder has been gently slow cooked to bring out the meat’s delicate taste, and offer an amazing showstopping dish that requires no time or effort at all. But that’s not all, lamb shoulder also forms the basis of our New Zealand grass-fed diced cubes. Sourced from our partners at Silver Fern Farms, these delicate and handy cubes feature a mix of lamb shoulder and lamb leg, and they are sure to make your homemade stews, kebabs and curries extra special.


Lamb leg

When it comes to the question of whether you should choose lamb shoulder or leg, it’s important to remember that the main difference is in how you cook them. Both bring a robust flavour, and they can both be roasted on the bone or boneless. However, with lamb legs, you need to be careful not to overcook them, otherwise they can become quite dry. You can roast them in the oven, or roast them initially and then finish them off on the barbeque to deliver a satisfying and slightly smoky taste. At Prime Gourmet, we offer a range of grass-fed, 100 percent New Zealand raised, Silver Fern Farm lamb legs that are easy to prepare and cook at home. For instance, our boneless leg of lamb and ‘easy carve’ leg of lamb are specifically designed for roasting. Ideal for Sunday dinners or special occasions, they’re big enough to feed even the hungriest of families. Meanwhile, our bone-in lamb leg makes an impressive centrepiece for a dinner party, and our butterfly lamb leg and mint and rosemary marinated lamb leg are perfect for quick and easy midweek meals that require minimal fuss.

Lamb Loin

Also known as a lamb chop, a lamb loin is one of the most delicious and tender lamb cuts. Taken from the ribs of the lamb and designed to be cooked individually, lamb loin chops are ideal for casual BBQs, or for grilling in the kitchen. When the ribs are prepared together, we call it a rack of lamb, and this dramatic cut tastes best when roasted. Both chops and racks can also be sold French trimmed, a term that refers to when the meat from the ends of the rib bones has been scraped off for aesthetic purposes. At Prime Gourmet, our Silver Fern Farm Frenched lamb chops and lamb racks are delivered fresh, trimmed and ready to cook and marinate with your choice of rub, herbs or spices. Ideal for date nights or wholesome family meals, the love, care and attention that Silver Fern Farms gives its animals is apparent through the quality and flavour of every bite.   

Lamb shank  

Taken from the lower part of the back legs, the lamb shank is an affordable lamb cut that literally falls off the bone when cooked slowly and carefully. Another tender and soft lamb product, lamb shank makes a great addition to a whole array of dishes, ranging from roast lamb shank with potatoes, veg and gravy, to spicy Mexican tacos, Moroccan tagine and Italian polenta. All 100 percent pasture-raised, 100 percent halal and free from hormones and antibiotics, all our Silver Fern Farm lamb shanks are wonderfully hearty, tasty and satisfying.

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