About Prime Gourmet

Founded by Dariush Rakhshani, Prime Gourmet is a UAE homegrown brand that epitomizes the country's vision of excellence. Inspired by premier Western-style butcheries, Prime Gourmet has redefined the traditional meat market with a modern and spectacular approach, setting new standards in quality and service. We exclusively offer the highest quality meats, including the distinguished Japanese Wagyu, affirming our commitment to providing unparalleled products. As a leader in the global butchery landscape, Prime Gourmet proudly contributes to the UAE's reputation as a destination for the best in every field.

From Australia, we bring you Stockyard Beef, renowned for its Angus and Wagyu grain-fed beef. We stock A5 Wagyu, the highest grade Wagyu in the world, sourced from Top Farm Group in Japan. From New Zealand, savour the freshness of Silver Fern Farms USDA-approved grass-fed beef and lamb. Our OBE Organic beef is sourced from the pristine pastures of Australia. Our Milkfed Dutch veal from ESA in The Netherlands adds a touch of richness to every dish. Rest assured, all our meats are 100% halal, reflecting our commitment to quality and diversity from our trusted suppliers.