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Malvasia Halal Duck Frozen Foie Gras Slices 500g

Malvasia Halal Duck Frozen Foie Gras Slices 500g

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Luxurious Frozen Foie Gras

Renowned as one of the world’s exclusive foods, our 100% halal, frozen foie gras from Malvasia is a very special product that comes sliced and frozen for extra convenience. A unique white meat that boasts an enticing and distinctive aroma, all our sliced frozen foie gras have been awarded a LABEL ROUGE French quality level. Whole, not shredded, and taken from the fattened liver of gently stuffed male ducklings that spent the last 12 days of their lifetime roaming in natural meadows, Malvasia prepares its foie gras with corn and traditional methods that date back to ancient Egypt. Each 500g package of frozen foie gras contains around ten slices. 1 slice is around 40-60g,