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Australian Wagyu 9+MB Beef T-Bone Steak

Australian Wagyu 9+MB Beef T-Bone Steak

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Premium Australian Wagyu t-bone steak - 9+ marbling

Cut from the short loin of premium Australian Wagyu cattle, our Wagyu t-bone steaks from the Kiwami by Stockyard Beef range are the best that money can buy. Guaranteed to deliver the best home cooked steak of your life, each delicious steak features a striking ‘t-shaped’ bone surrounded by juicy meat on either side, and a prestigious 9+ marbling grade. Packed with incredible flavour, and sliced to one or two inches thick, they’re ideal for grilling or throwing on the BBQ. With Kiwami translating to mean ‘Outstanding excellence’ in Japanese, each Wagyu T-bone steak has been hand-selected to give the most decadent eating experience. 100% halal and available in 600g or 1kg cuts, our irresistible Wagyu t-bone steaks are designed to satisfy even the biggest of appetites.