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Australian Wagyu 9+MB Beef Tomahawk Steak

Australian Wagyu 9+MB Beef Tomahawk Steak

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Luxurious 9+ marbling Wagyu tomahawk steak

One to bring out for guests that you really want to wow and impress, our ultra-luxurious Wagyu tomahawk steak is truly in a class of its own. Part of the Kiwami by Stockyard range, Stockyard Beef’s top-shelf premium Australia Wagyu brand, every cut boasts an extraordinarily high marble score of 9+. Served with the entire bone left in, every piece is carefully trimmed to leave just enough succulent meat that can be cut off or nibbled with ease. Its high levels of tender intramuscular fat gives it a full and satisfying flavour, while the rib bone adds extra richness and a slightly sweet taste. With each steak weighing approximately 1.5kg, our natural grain-fed, expertly raised and 100% halal Wagyu tomahawk steaks are always a meal to remember.