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Dutch Milk Fed Veal Ossobuco

Dutch Milk Fed Veal Ossobuco

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Italy is known for having one of the most vibrant and exciting global cuisines, and veal ossobuco is an Italian classic that never goes out of style. Featuring a heartwarming fusion of braised veal shanks, vegetables and broth, veal ossobuco is a nourishing and uplifting specialty that pairs wonderfully with a scoop of creamy polenta. Sourced from ESA, the European veal specialist based in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn, our Dutch milk-fed veal shanks are mild in flavour, tender, easily digestible and rich in vitamins and minerals. Our veal shanks taste their best slow when slow cooked over a low heat, and every piece is sourced from ethical farms and prepared under the highest safety standards. 100% halal, each veal shank weighs approximately 400g.