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Dry Aged Australian Wagyu T-bone 9+ MB approx. 700g

Dry Aged Australian Wagyu T-bone 9+ MB approx. 700g

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650g Wagyu dry-aged T-bone steak with 9+ marbling

Our Wagyu dry-aged T-bone steaks come with a luxurious 9+ marbling grade. Part of Stockyard Beef’s award-winning Kiwami range of top-shelf Wagyu products, every juicy steak is derived from cattle with Japanese Wagyu genetics who have been pasture-raised until they are around 15 months old, and then fed on a special grain formula for a minimum of 400 days. Independent AUS-MEAT graders individually assess every Stockyard Wagyu cut, and only those with the highest marble scores are selected to be sold. Every T-bone steak is then dry-aged for a period of 30 days, before being trimmed and cut into 650g steaks. This dry-aging process develops a deep flavour and tender texture that is truly special and unique. Every dry-aged T-bone steak is 100% halal and ready to be sold after 30 days of aging. When ordering please specify your required meat, date and weight.