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Rodolphe Le Meunier

Brillat Savarin IGP (Cow's Milk, Pregnant Friendly) - 200g

Brillat Savarin IGP (Cow's Milk, Pregnant Friendly) - 200g

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A matured Brillat-Savarin has a typical white, bloomy rind with an interior paste that is buttery-white in colour. The texture is dense, moist, and slightly chalky with enough lusciousness and creaminess for a triple cream cheese. Flavours are of butter, salt and cream with hints of mushroom, nuts and truffles.



Milk: Cow

Type: Bloomy Rind Cheese

Production: Artisanal

Process: Pasteurized

Fat: 40% 

Shelf Life: 70 Days

Storage: Chiller

Origin: Côtes-d'or, France