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Australian Wagyu 9+MB Beef Tenderloin

Australian Wagyu 9+MB Beef Tenderloin

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Delicately marbled Australian Wagyu tenderloin 9+ marbling

Weighing approximately 3kg, our mammoth Australian Wagyu tenderloin is delivered whole or trimmed, cleaned and sliced. A truly luxurious meat boasting a prestigious 9+ marbling grade, our superior Wagyu tenderloin is officially a ‘cut’ above the rest. Part of Stockyard Beef’s award-winning Kiwami range, which in Japanese translates to mean ‘Outstanding excellence’, every piece is taken from cattle that have been grain fed on 100% natural feed. Halal and EU accredited and derived from cattle with authentic Japanese Wagyu genetics, every cut has been hand-selected to guarantee an unforgettable dining experience.

SOLD AS IS without trimming, cleaning or slicing. 

TRIMMED/CLEANED OR SLICED (Additional fee of AED 15 per kilogram)