Lillie’s Q sauces and chips

Everyone knows that a barbeque isn’t quite complete without a hearty dollop of tasty sauce. Providing the perfect addition to our range of premium meats and handy burger boxes, Prime Gourmet is proud to introduce the UAE to the amazing tastes of Lillie’s Q sauces. Thick, indulgent and authentically American-style, our tempting range is ideal for marinating, dressing and dipping all kinds of meats, sides and seafood. Choose from balanced and tangy Carolina Barbecue sauce, mild and creamy mayonnaise-based Ivory Barbecue sauce, Hot Smokey Barbecue sauce and many more versatile varieties. Or, for a handy snack on the go or a delicious nibble for your next gathering, check out our Lillie’s Q chip flavours, too. 

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