Quality cheeses and halal deli meats

Providing everything you need to create the perfect spread for every party or special occasion, our deli collection is filled with creamy aged cheeses and quality halal deli meats. From rich mature cheddars sourced from the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales, UK, to buttery Tomme cheese from the Pyrénées region in France and churned butter and goats’ cheese from French cheese specialist Rodolphe Le Meunier, we have every variety you could ask for. Providing a tasty accompaniment to the premium cheeses, our halal deli meats then span delicious options such as spicy sliced beef salami and grilled turkey breast, all sold sliced and ready to eat.  

Deli - Prime Gourmet Online
Obtained from fresh artichokes cut into fourths, grilled and dressed with sunflower seed oil and ...
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