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Veal vs Beef: Which is the Prime Choice for Your Next Gourmet Meal?

The ‘veal vs beef’ question is highly debated amongst home cooks and foodies.

After all, both taste fantastic and they both bring multiple health benefits, including high levels of vital protein. 

By partnering with trusted, award-winning farms in The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and beyond, Prime Gourmet is proud to bring quality milk-fed veal and premium grain-fed beef to households across the UAE.

Based in Dubai and offering fast and reliable delivery across all seven emirates, Prime Gourmet’s vast range of beef and veal products is perfect for everyone, from culinary enthusiasts to health-conscious gym goers.

So, to help you decide which type of meat is the right choice for your recipes, we will use this blog to explore the subtle differences between veal and beef, and explain their many enticing taste characteristics and health benefits.


Veal vs Beef – what is the difference?  

The main difference between beef and veal is that beef is from older cattle, whereas veal is from calves.

The two nutritious and tasty meats vary in appearance too, with veal boasting a distinctive light pink colour, and beef being a darker and deeper red. 

But, of course ,the most important factor is how the meats taste. As the muscles of calves and younger cattle have endured less work than the ones of older cattle, veal brings a slightly more tender taste and more delicate flavour than beef.

However, beef has a slightly stronger and more pronounced texture, and a juicy and meaty texture that many people prefer.  

Both veal and beef are also rich in minerals, vitamins and protein, and relatively low in calories. This means that the two healthy meats are ideal protein sources for athletes and gym goers. 

In fact, the nutritional content is incredibly similar, with 100g of veal containing 179 calories, and 100g of beef offering 170 calories. 


veal frenched chops

Tender milk-fed veal

Veal is a prized delicacy that boasts a delicate flavour, tender texture and high nutritional value.

Being so tender makes it easier for our bodies to digest than beef. It is also very low in fat and cholesterol, and rich in minerals and vitamins, including vitamin B1, vitamin D, zinc and iron.

As mentioned above, veal is renowned for being an excellent source of protein, with the US Department of Agriculture stating that 100g of veal contains more than 24g.

Our premium-quality milk fed veal is sourced from ESA, the quality milk-fed veal specialist based in the picturesque city of Apeldoorn in The Netherlands. ESA prides itself on producing some of the best quality veal products in the world. Each veal tenderloin is prepared under the highest safety and production standards, and this ensures that maximum flavour and goodness is delivered with every bite. Our milk fed veal collection spans veal and herb sausages, veal tenderloin, veal escalope, veal ham and more, offering delectable options for every meal of the day.


Premium grass-fed beef  

Prime Gourmet’s premium beef selection encompasses exceptional cuts from Stockyard Beef in Australia, Silver Fern Farms in New Zealand, Itadaki and Saroma in Japan and more ethical and professional world-renowned farms.

Every cut is carefully vetted and assessed to ensure maximum quality and taste, and no other meat shop in Dubai offers the same outstanding array of 100% halal beef varieties. Offering everything from delicious ready-made meatballs and grass-fed beef burgers, to cuts from the highly awarded Australian Angus Beef program and luxurious A5 Japanese Wagyu, our exceptional collection is sure to delight every meat connoisseur.

Beef is famous for being an excellent source of vitamin B, an essential compound that is vital for maintaining the body’s energy levels and ensuring that our metabolisms function properly. Studies show that beef contains 2.28 micrograms of vitamin B-12, compared to just 0.99 micrograms in veal.

Like veal, beef also contains high levels of zinc, with both meats containing about a quarter of our daily recommended zinc levels. It is also bursting with protein, with the Canadian Beef Cattle Research Council declaring that gram-for-gram, beef is more nutrient dense and more economical than most other protein sources.

Indeed, Stockyard Beef’s multi award-winning Black Angus beef steak makes the perfect centrepiece for a cosy date night in or a family roast.

Founded in Australia in 1958, the brand’s premium Black Angus cattle are fed on a carefully curated mixture of locally grown wheat, barley and sorghum. In fact, our Stockyard Gold Black Angus Beef Steak was recognised at the Royal Queensland Awards 2023, and at many other award ceremonies and events throughout the last 20 years. Containing absolutely no antibiotics, animal by-products or genetically modified (GMO) feed products, it’s a healthy and tasty steak that makes a welcome addition to any foodies' fridge.

Meanwhile, Stockyard’s ultra-luxurious Australian Wagyu ground beef is available ground and in various expertly prepared steak cuts. Boasting a lavish premium 6 to 7 marbling grade, it has a silky melt-in-the-mouth texture and an impeccable flavour that is impossible to resist. 

With a lean-to-fat ratio of 80/20, you don’t need to feel even a tiny bit guilty about wrapping your jaws around one of our A5 Saroma Wagyu beef burgers. Sourced from cattle raised in the beautiful region of Saroma, located on the magnificent volcanic Japanese island of Hokkaido, every ingredient that goes into these decadent patties is the best that money can buy.

Finally, our New Zealand grass-fed cuts from Silver Fern Farms are the crème de la crème of premium beef cuts. Based in the lush green hills of New Zealand, every piece is 100% grass fed, pasture raised and free from hormones and antibiotics.


Two versatile and delicious meats

As you can see, both veal and beef are healthy, high in protein, low in fat, delicious, versatile and filled with essential vitamins and minerals. Which one you choose is entirely down to personal taste, and Prime Gourmet offers numerous different premium quality veal and beef cuts for you to sample and enjoy with your family and loved ones.

You can browse the full veal collection here, and view our vast beef selection here.
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