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What you should look for in the best butcher shop in Dubai

Locating the best butcher shop in Dubai means knowing exactly what to expect and look out for. Premium butcheries such as Prime Gourmet take pride in factors such as the farm-to-table concept, stocking only the finest quality meats, and availing a host of additional products to enhance your culinary experience and creations. We take a look at the factors you should consider when deciding on a quality butcher shop in Dubai below. 

  1. Stocking dry aged beef                                                                              When looking for the best butcher shop in Dubai, it’s important to consider whether they stock quality meat products such as dry aged beef. Dry-aging beef is an age-old technique that produces a highly flavour-intensive result, ensuring you get to indulge in the most tender cuts. Dry aging involves storing various meats under very specific temperature and storage conditions to result in A-grade meat, with the meat being stored for weeks or even months at a time. 
  2. Quality meats that aren’t pre-packaged                                                  The most premium butcher shops such as Prime Gourmet stock high-quality meat and avoid pre-packaging meat products to ensure that you get to consult the butcher who will advise you on the spot that best suits your needs. An experienced butcher such as Flavio the Master Butcher at Prime Gourmet, will cut, slice, score and tie your meat to ensure the most perfect culinary dish every time. Once you select your preferred cut of meat, we individually vacuum-seal it to remove the majority of the oxygen inside and avoid chemical reactions that can cause food to spoil. This technique also mitigates the risk of bacteria build-up that can result in ruined foods. 
  3. Utilising the farm-to-table concept                                        Considering the journey your meat has taken before reaching your plate is more important than you think. Premium butcheries like Prime Gourmet take pride in stocking sustainably sourced meat that consistently exceeds customer expectations. Prime Gourmet stocks meats from the family-run Australian farm, Stockyard, that specialises in producing grain-fed beef including the Angus and Wagyu categories. 
  4. Stocking a wide range of additional products                                   The best butcher shop in Dubai should stock more than just meat. Prime Gourmet has a wide selection of premium-quality products including spices, rubs, seafood, cheeses, churned butters and even gift cards for surprising your loved ones. The variety is endless.


About Prime Gourmet

Prime Gourmet is the UAE’s premium halal butchery and gourmet store. With branches in Umm Suqeim, Springs Souk, Town Centre, Etihad Mall (UnionCoop) and Depachika (Nakheel Mall), our gourmet meats and culinary products are widely available. We also have an online store to ensure you can enjoy the most convenient purchasing experience when shopping our extensive online product range.

 Whether you opt for our precooked family-style dishes and caviar gift sets, or choose to purchase our premium range of dry aged beef, visit us in-store or navigate to our online store to shop our quality range and get in touch with us today. We look forward to welcoming you to the Prime Gourmet family!

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