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Wagyu Brisket Perfection: Mastering the Art of Oven Cooking

Our Black Angus and Wagyu brisket products have always been some of our best-selling products.

For instance, so many households across the UAE can’t get enough of our ready-cooked smoked Australian Angus beef brisket which we cook and prepare in store.

Providing a delicious, heart-warming and sumptuous feast that’s ready in seconds and with zero hassle, our country-style smoked brisket is lovingly crafted by Stockyard Beef. Based in the Darling Downs of south-east Queensland, each of our tender and ready-cooked briskets are carefully smoked for 14 hours with an aromatic mixture of paprika, coriander, garlic, onion and cumin.

However, cooking your own beef brisket also brings a special kind of joy.
Ideal for barbecues or family gatherings, cooking your own melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu brisket or Angus Beef brisket is a rewarding experience that is almost just as much fun as actually eating it.

While many inexperienced home chefs might find the idea of cooking a beef brisket a little intimidating, with the quality brisket cuts from Prime Gourmet and the right equipment, it can be a very simple, straightforward and enjoyable process.

In this blog, we cover all you need to know about how to make the perfect Wagyu brisket at home, including the best brisket cooking tips, the correct techniques and how to select a premium quality cut.


What is so special about beef brisket?

Before we go into detail about how to make your own melt-in-the-mouth beef brisket, it’s important that we explain why beef brisket is such a special, unique and widely adored meat.

Derived from the chest area of a cow, brisket comes in two different cuts: the flat and the point. Also known as the "first cut," flat brisket cuts are lean and of a consistent thickness. Meanwhile, the point, often referred to as the "second cut" or "deckle" has a higher fat content, delicate marbling and a rich, succulent flavor.



How to select the perfect brisket

When selecting a brisket to buy, it's important to choose a quality cut.

Look for a well-trimmed cut that features a nice balance of fat and meat. The fat acts as an essential source of moisture during the cooking process. The right amount of fat results in a tender and juicy finish. However, too much fat can lead to an overly greasy and unappetising brisket.

At Prime Gourmet, all our Stockyard Beef briskets are of the best possible quality. Boasting a moderate amount of fat, each brisket is sourced from Australian cattle that have been fed a balanced diet of nutritious steam flaked grains and other locally produced and sustainable feeds. A multi-award winning brand that is renowned across the world for its satisfying taste and wonderful texture, Stockyard Beef brisket is the perfect foundation for your smoked or grilled brisket feasts.

It’s equally vital to select a cut that’s of the appropriate size. You need to consider the number of people you are cooking for, and how you intend to cook it. For instance, a larger brisket is ideal for events or gatherings, while a smaller one is perhaps better for family mealtimes. Prime Gourmet offers a choice of whole 7kg Australian Black Angus beef briskets (available trimmed or un-trimmed ) and 1kg or 2kg pieces of Australian Black Angus brisket, all available for delivery across the UAE.

Preparing your brisket

Proper preparation is crucial for achieving a delicious and well-cooked brisket.

Our Prime Gourmet experts recommend the following tips:

1) Trim the brisket

If you have an un-trimmed brisket, you need to begin by cutting away any excess fat. Aim to leave about a quarter of an inch of fat, and trim away any silver skin or tough connective tissue too.

2) Create a tasty seasoning

A tasty and vibrant dry rub is key to creating a magnificent brisket. A classic brisket seasoning often includes kosher salt, black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and chili powder, but feel free to customise it and add your own favourite spices and seasonings to taste. Make enough to cover the whole cut, and massage it into the meat evenly on both sides. Then let the seasoned brisket rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour, or preferably overnight. This will enable the flavours to infuse thoroughly into the meat before cooking.

3) Return to room temperature

Take your brisket out of the refrigerator at least one hour before smoking or grilling. Room temperature meat cooks more evenly and consistently.

Smoke, grill or oven cook?


Smoking, grilling and oven cooking are three of the most popular ways to cook brisket. All three methods offer multiple benefits and result in a tasty and nutritious brisket.

Slow-smoked brisket


Smoking gives brisket a rich and smoky flavor. Traditional smokers use indirect heat and wood chips or chunks, and this results in a distinctive flavour profile and delicate texture.

Grilled brisket


This method is perfect for those who like a charred finish to their brisket. Quick and simple, you can grill your brisket on the barbecue in a matter of minutes. Just cook on high heat for a few minutes on each side, and then move it to indirect heat until cooked.

Oven cooked brisket


If you don’t have a smoker or a grill, cooking your brisket in the oven is an easy and accessible option.

Prime Gourmet chef Nico, says: “Cook your brisket low and slow, at around 140 degrees celsius for roughly eight hours. Regularly baste the brisket with the juices to keep it moist, and you can also cook some root vegetables along with it to add extra colour, nutrients and taste. Make sure to let it stand for at least one hour before slicing as well.”

Cut against the grain when serving

Our chef’s last tip relates to when you are plating and serving your brisket.
The ‘grain’ refers to the direction of the muscle fibers within the meat. Once your delectable smoked brisket is ready, make sure you slice it by cutting against the grain. This helps break up the muscle fibers, and create a softer and more tender and enjoyable eating experience for yourself and your family.

Prime Gourmet’s beef brisket and ready cooked beef brisket are all available for delivery across the UAE.

To view Prime Gourmet’s full range of beef brisket products, please visit our website.
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