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Ultimate Cheese/Charcuterie Board

4 Premium Products To Make Your Own Ultimate Cheese/ Charcuterie board

Make the most out of Dubai’s chilly winter months with a delightful spread of cheese and charcuterie platter that will woo your family and friends away. A perfectly laid-out board will beautifully transition you through the year - swapping out the ingredients to suit every season and occasion. Give your guests a variety of choices by adding five of the finest imported goodies from Prime Gourmet.



First things first, cheese! Pick at least four different cheeses to give everyone something they’ll surely love. Start laying out the board with Applewood Smoked Cheddar, it perfectly captures the essence of the British countryside with a delicious smoky undertaste. Take your tastebuds down the experimental route with Shropshire’s Blue Cheese. Its strong flavours and tangy aroma will always keep them coming back for more. Finally, add a touch of France to the spread with Comte Gruyère Cheese, made from unpasteurized cow’s milk in the Franche-Comté. Its flavours will have hints of hazelnuts and grassy herbs.

2. Meat

No charcuterie plate is complete without an ample variety of savoury and juicy meat options. Our top picks would be the Spicy Sliced Beef Salami Spianata, Sliced Duck Ham and tasty Tegel Classic Sliced Chicken. Wonderfully hot and fiery, the beef salami will add a great deal of spice to your board, while Malavisa Halal Duck is equally salty and aromatic.

3. Pickles

Cheese and charcuterie test best with anything preserved and pickled. Include the sizzling spiciness of Harvey & Brockless Farmhouse Pickle, this works tastefully with most of the cheese types. Kyoto Gourmet Sushi White Pickled Ginger and Sushi Pink Pickled Ginger are also great additions.


4. Bread and Spreads

Baguettes, breadsticks or crackers - add flavour to your go-to choice of bread with our handpicked selection of sauces, jams and butter. Fiasconaro Sicilia Orange Marmalade is for the fruit lovers. Its sweet yet acidic taste will layer well with those bagels and toasts. Dip these wholewheat breadsticks from Fongo Grissini in Italtouch’s White Truffle Butter for a delightful bite. And, their mushroom and black summer Truffle Sauce compliment the overall flavour of the charcuterie board.


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