An old adage says, “You are what you eat” and we agree!

 We at Prime Gourmet made it our responsibility to go the extra mile and deliver you the finest meat from reputable farms and meat providers around the world.

 We believe it is necessary that you know exactly where the meat you eat comes from, how they are raised, and how raising them affects the environment.

 Our ever-growing array of premium meat selections stretch from the gloriously marbled Japanese A5 Wagyu beef all the way to the grass-fed lamb from the lush plains of New Zealand. Prime Gourmet has partnered with globally renowned companies that sustainably source and farm quality meat and put it on your plate carved and sculpted to your heart’s desire.

 OBE Organic, one of our partners and Australia’s first premium organic meat exporter, raises their cattle in the heartland of the country, where they freely roam vast grasslands without fences and with minimal human interference. This eliminates the need for chemicals, hormones, or any other artificial methods to make the meat better. OBE Organic believes that raising cattle in these traditional ways increases the quality of the meat they produce.

 Silver Fern Farms in New Zealand also has an admirable attitude when it comes to the way they work. They raise their animals with respect, care, and passion as they believe ensuring the welfare of their animals is better for the environment and better for you. We at Prime Gourmet think so too, that’s why we get our 100% grass fed beef and lamb from them.

Another one of our partner producers, Stockyard Australia, has also committed to being a leader in the sustainable production of beef. Whether it is ensuring that their livestock is healthy and happy or looking after the land by dedicating to maintain feasible agricultural practices. They are also passionate about the people and community they work with, focusing on their development and growth as much as the cattle they raise. Stockyard Australia strives to find better ways to care for their animals, their environment, and their people.

 There is much debate about the environmental effects of beef production and Australia is leading the charge to its mitigation with the Australian red meat industry recently pledging to becoming carbon neutral within the decade.

 Prime Gourmet not only aims to provide exquisite and superior meat to the United Arab Emirates, but also to make sure the meat that reaches your plate is sustainably raised and farmed.


After all, you are what you eat. Don’t you agree?

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