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Prime Gourmet is your one-stop shop for all BBQ preparation needs.

Have you tried our rubs? Be daring with your Prime Gourmet meat and bring out deep flavors that you’ve never experienced before.

First up, our Coffee Rub. It is a surprisingly versatile rub and is the perfect pairing for beef, giving a deep taste you would not expect. The coffee compliments the richness of the beef and unwraps a dark earthy flavor that is slightly bitter but not overwhelming.

Your lamb will be irresistible with our exotic Moroccan Rub of North Africa to add warmth and depth to your meat. This spice blend has a distinctive flavor of sweet and savory; the chili powder throws in a balance of spiciness where the sugar brings the subtle sweetness. Cinnamon, ginger and cloves bring out the Moroccan flavors to the spice blend.


The best rub paired with chicken is the Peri Peri chicken rub. Our Peri Peri rub gives your taste buds a feisty blend smoked paprika and the heat of chili resulting in tongue-tinglingly tasty chicken.


An easy go to and great rub to always keep stocked in your pantry is our One For All Rub by the Nomu collection. It’s the perfect everyday blend of 11 herbs and spices to bring out a burst of flavor & aroma to any dish, filled with a mix of ingredients that include onion, garlic, salt, black pepper, coriander, sugar, mustard, parsley, cumin, rosemary and thyme. Our One For All rub seasoning is delicious mixed to be rubbed on your meat, sprinkle over your vegetables or into your stew.

No matter the flavour you’re looking for, our rubs have you covered. Available both in store and online!


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