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From farm to table, get 25% off with Rangitikei!

Picture this - you are cutting into a perfect, succulent piece of chicken and as you take a bite, you sink into that feeling of immense satisfaction. However, what if that meat was not only delicious but completely healthy? Rangitikei provides quality free-range, ethically farmed chicken that has no added hormones. The chickens are raised by New Zealand Free Range farmers who handle the chickens with care.


 Rangitikei is transparent about the way they rear their chickens. They believe in the “Five Freedoms'' principle of animal welfare. You can learn more about them here. We guarantee you that Rangitikei’s authentic meat has no artificial flavours or components. Everything is one hundred percent natural!


Knowing where your meat comes from is essential for a healthy diet. A lot of meat in the region tends to be pumped with additives and hormones, which in no way aid in bettering your health. Being aware of the source of your food allows you to live a more sustainable lifestyle while creating a healthy bond with the food you eat. The free-range chicken offered by Rangitikei checks all the boxes when it comes to providing you wholesome chicken right from the farms of New Zealand. Rangitikei bridges that farm to table connection to give you authentic meat that you can consume guilt-free!

 Rangitikei offers three ranges of chicken - Butterflied Chicken, Fresh Chicken (WholeSkinless Thighs, Skinless Drumstick, Skinless Breast Fillet and Breast Fillet with Skin) and Frozen Chicken (Whole, Karaage Chicken and Tenderloins). Whether you’re making roasted chicken or a curry, we have the different styles of chicken you need. We even offer chicken tenders (Buttermilk and Thai style) and pre-seasoned chicken (Perri Perri and Tarragon and Basil), so all you have to do is pop them in the oven or some oil and it is ready to be indulged. Cannot think of recipes? With Rangitikei chicken, there are several recipes you can try out. However, keep in mind that to get the best taste and most out of the chicken you purchase, there are things you as a consumer can do! Here are some tips we recommend.


Ending on an exciting note, Prime Gourmet is running a 25% discount on all Fresh Rangiteki products. Purchase discounted chicken until 2nd March, while stocks last!


So, hurry before time runs out! Thinking of cooking up some yummy chicken for a fun Friday family dinner or a low-key Thursday evening? Rangitikei is what you need!

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