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Exploring Flavour Profiles: Grain-Fed vs. Grass-Fed Beef

Exploring Flavour Profiles: Grain-Fed vs. Grass-Fed Beef

Here at Prime Gourmet, we get lots of questions from customers about whether they should choose grain-fed or grass-fed beef, and what the difference is between the two. After all, our butcher shop​, ​deli store and online butcher’s shop offer​ ​a huge array of different beef products. Next time you’re looking for a superb choice of grass-fed beef online in the UAE, just visit the New Zealand beef page on the Prime Gourmet website. 

We offer so many different options that choosing ​the right meat​ for your recipes can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. So, to help you navigate the wonderful world of beef and home cooking, we’ve decided to take a deep dive into the great ‘grass-fed vs grain- fed’ debate and explain how they differ in taste, quality​,​ and texture.  

What is grass-fed beef?

Grass-fed beef is from cattle that have been fed on a diet of 100 percent grass, 365 days ​a​ year.  At Prime Gourmet, we offer a wide array of delicious grass-fed beef products from Silver Fern Farms, one of New Zealand’s most ethical and sustainable beef producers.

All sourced from premium cattle that have been raised on picturesque green pastures, our 100 percent halal, grass-fed beef range spans hearty burgers, juicy striploin and ribeye steaks, handy minced beef, tasty beef cubes, and much more.   

What is grain-fed beef?

To technically classify as ‘grain-fed’, cattle must be fed on a grain-based diet for 60 days or more. Cattle grain feeds often include wheat, barley and sorghum, a nutrient-rich cereal grain that’s high in protein, fiber and vitamins.  

Some farms choose to combine the two production methods by first raising their cattle on a grass-based diet, and then finishing them off on a diet of grain.  

Grass-fed vs grain-fed taste: what is the difference?

For many, this is the most pressing question about grain-fed and grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef is preferred by many because it is considered to have a more complex flavour than grain-fed beef. It is also known for containing large amounts of minerals and being more ‘natural’ than grain-fed beef.

This makes it a great choice for health-conscious foodies and home chefs who want to prepare vitamin-packed and highly nutritious meals for their families. Due to its high levels of marbling, grain-fed beef is generally said to have a buttery flavour and a slightly sweeter taste than grass-fed beef.  

How do they differ in appearance?

Firstly, the fat in grass-fed beef tends to have a slightly yellowish hue.  
This colouration is simply caused by the natural green pigments that are found in grass, and it doesn’t impact the quality of the taste or texture at all.  

On the other hand, beef taken from grain-fed cattle has brighter and whiter fat strips and noticeably more marbling. This is caused by the high sugar and fat content of the grain mixes that tend to be used in cattle farming. By just looking at a cut, an expert butcher or chef can tell whether it has been grain-fed or grass-fed.  

What type of beef is healthier?  

Both types of beef are packed with vitamins and minerals. Although no studies conclude that grass-fed beef is definitively ‘healthier’ than grain-fed, it is considered to be a more ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ form of beef. This is because grass-fed cattle generally aren’t administered any antibiotics,​ ​hormones, or genetically modified (GMO) feed products. While not all grain-fed beef products contain these chemicals and additives, they are incorporated into some grain-based cattle mixes.   

Some studies also declare that grass-fed beef can contain less fat and calories, and more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than regular grain-fed beef. As you can see, there are a few noticeable differences between grain-fed and grass-fed beef. Which one you prefer is entirely down to personal taste.   

However, if you are looking for all-natural, hormone-free, low-fat​,​ and delicious beef products, grass-fed beef cuts - such as the ones sold on the Prime Gourmet website - may be the best option for you.  

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