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Dry Aged Beef: A Gastronomic Feast That You Need To Try

Food is social—it brings people together! Near, far, wherever your friends and family are, food will always be there.

But, it’s a little different during special occasions (or if you’re just feeling fancy), because the number 1 thing on the menu becomes special too, and we all know what that means...STEAK! 

One of our favourite ways to eat beef is as a steak, but have you ever tried Dry Aged Beef in Dubai? It’s an experience everyone needs to experience at least once. Dry aging is a natural fermentation process that breaks down the connective tissues of meat.

The process starts when the large pieces of beef are stored in a humidity controlled environment for 30 days or longer. The longer it stays there, the more flavorful the meat will get. While it’s hanging, the meat is exposed to a consistent and controlled airflow, which allows the good kind of mold to grow, gradually break down the meat’s tough bonds, making them more tender than ever. 

And that’s not all! 

Did you know that beef naturally contains about 75% water? With this controlled fermentation process, unnecessary moisture is extracted from the beef, giving you an explosion of nutty, more concentrated, unparalleled flavors! 

Are you feeling inspired and want to try it for yourself? Lucky for you, we’ve got an exclusive range of Halal Dry Aged Meat available online and in our flagship store in Umm Suqiem. 

Our selection is exclusive and everchanging, often selling out on the same day with launch it however some of the variations we have are Australian Black Angus Striploin, Australian Wagyu Striploin 9+ MB, Australian Wagyu Tomahawk 9+ MB, Australian Wagyu T-Bone 9+ MB, Australian Black Angus Op Rib, Australian Black Angus Tomahawk, Australian Black Angus  T-Bone, and Australian Black Angus Ribeye

So, if you’re ready to gather your friends together or just treat yourself to a nice meal at home (because you deserve it), come visit our flagship store, skim through our dry aged beef fridges and buy your cut of choice! 

Or order online at www.primegourmet.ae

See you soon!

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