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Your favorite Halal meat in the GCC has expanded to a new location, Depachika Food Hall in Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah!

Depachika is more than just a food hall showcasing a wide range of gourmet treats, it’s an all encompassing experience taking you through a foodie’s paradise. It’s the only location in Dubai where you can dine and pick up your premium groceries from multiple brands.


 With different vendors, you experience a journey starting with a coffee on your way in, picking up your freshly baked bread and your favorite cheese to be paired with the perfect wine and picking up your dinner by selecting your Halal meat from Prime Gourmet counter.

Now, that’s a food journey!

At Prime Gourmet, we offer an extensive range of wagyu beef;  Saroma A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef AED 31.50, Stockyard Australian Wagyu Beef Burger AED 10.20, Kiwami Australian Wagyu Beef Striploin Steak Marbling MB 9+ AED 148.50. Kiwami Australian Wagyu Beef MB 9+ Rib Eye Steak AED 148.50, Stockyard Australian Wagyu Beef Ribeye Marbling 6-7 AED 85.00,

We provide different types of lamb; baby-goat, baby-lamb, grass-fed, lamb and whole – Spanish Milk Fed Baby Goat (Frozen), Spanish Milk Fed Baby Lamb (Frozen) AED 660, New Zealand Grass Fed Bone In Lamb Shoulder 3kg AED 315.00,  New Zealand Grass Fed Frenched Lamb Cutlets AED 47.25, New Zealand Grass Fed Bone In Lamb Leg AED 179.00

Our daily poultry station provides different types of chicken – New Zealand Skin On Chicken Breasts (Defrosted) AED 37.50, New Zealand Free Range Frozen Whole Chicken 1.35kg AED 54.95, New Zealand Defrosted Marinated Chicken Skewers AED 44.50, New Zealand Defrosted Chicken Stir Fry Strips AED 44.50.

Our hot counter serves fresh and daily made Roasted Chicken Tandoori, USDA Smoke Brisket, BBQ Back Ribs and Beef Lasagna.

Depachika is the only place located on Palm Jumeirah Island at Nakheel Mall to buy all your luxury groceries in the UAE.

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