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Our Wagyu Beef

The Wagyu breed of cattle was refined in the Kobe region of Japan over hundreds of generations and has become famous around the world for its intense flavour and supreme tenderness. Our Wagyu beef is sourced from Australia where specially selected Wagyu cattle are crossed with Holstein cattle to create this great Australian Wagyu beef.

What is so special about this breed of cattle? For a start, these cattle have the ability to develop high levels of internal fat or marbling as it is better known to the well versed meat person. Marbling makes the meat juicier and more flavorsome and therefore more delicious. In the most highly marbled and highly prized Wagyu, the flesh can appear almost white, such the prominence of this lacy, finely distributed internal fat. The greater the meat marbling and the purer the Wagyu genetics, the higher the price that this prized meat can fetch.

20003 AUSTRALIAN WAGYU Marble 6-7 Chateaubriand
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack (1 Roast)
There is nothing more elegant or impressive than a roast-size fillet.
603.8 Dhs 301.9 Dhs
20002 AUSTRALIAN WAGYU MB 6-7 Fillet Mignon
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack (2 X 225 Gram Steak)
So tender, you may not need your knife.
624.8 Dhs 312.4 Dhs
20005 AUSTRALIAN WAGYU Marble 6-7 New York Strip Steak
Min Order: 1 X 600 Gram Pack (2 X 300 Gram Steak)
Quite simply the perfect steak.
414.75 Dhs 248.9 Dhs
20008 AUSTRALIAN WAGYU Marble 6-7 Rib Eye Steak
Min Order: 1 X 600 Gram Pack (2 X 300 Gram Steak)
The ultimate balance in tenderness and flavour
393.8 Dhs 236.28 Dhs
20012 AUSTRALIAN WAGYU Marble 6-7 Rump Steak
Min Order: 1 X 600 Gram Pack (2 X 300 Gram Steak)
If you prefer a steak with more robust texture and flavour, than this is for you
173.3 Dhs 103.95 Dhs
20013 AUSTRALIAN WAGYU Marble 6-7 Rump Roast
Min Order: 1 X 2.0 KG Pack (1 Rump Roast)
A traditional roast packed with flavour.
157.5 Dhs 315 Dhs
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack
Tender soft strips Wagyu beef ideal for stir frys and other asian style dishes
78.45 Dhs 39.3 Dhs
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack
Tender chunks of Wagyu beef, ideal for casseroles and curries
78.45 Dhs 39.3 Dhs
20030 AUSTRALIAN WAGYU Mince (90% Lean)
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack
Ultra trim Wagyu topside mince
78.45 Dhs 39.3 Dhs
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