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Our Veal

At Prime Gourmet, we offer both Australian Rose Veal and European Milk-Fed Veal.

Veal is the meat of young calves (usually males of dairy cattle breeds) that when compared to other meats, has a delicate taste, tender texture and lighter creamier colour.

Veal has been an important ingredient in Italian and French cuisine since ancient times. The veal is often in the form of cutlets such as the Italian cotoletta or the famous Austrian dish wiener schnitzel. As veal is lower in fat than many other meatís, care must be taken in preparation to ensure that it does not become tough through overcooking..

70002 Dutch Milk Fed Veal Fillet Medallions:
Min Order: 1 X 300 Gram Pack
A classic for veal pan fry dishes.
236.3 Dhs 70.89 Dhs
70007 Dutch Milk Fed VEAL Chop:
Min Order: 1 X 600 Gram Pack (2 X 300 Gram Chops)
A classic Veal chop.
162.8 Dhs 97.68 Dhs
70006 Dutch Milk Fed VEAL Rib Roast
Min Order: 1 KG Roast
A classic Veal rib roast.
162.8 Dhs 162.8 Dhs
70009 Dutch Milk Fed VEAL Escalope
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack
Classic and traditional.
152.25 Dhs 76.125 Dhs
70011 Dutch Milk Fed VEAL Osso Bucco
(2 X 300 Gram Portion)
Perfect for that slow cooked dish.
84 Dhs 50.4 Dhs
70010 Dutch Milk Fed VEAL Diced Cubes
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack
Perfect for any slow cooked dish.
89.25 Dhs 44.63 Dhs
70030 Dutch Milk Fed VEAL (90% Lean) Mince
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack
Ultra trim Veal mince.
84 Dhs 42 Dhs
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