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Our Lamb

At Prime Gourmet, our lamb is sourced from the South Western region of Western Australia where it is grown by a producer alliance that involves nearly two hundred of Western Australia’s leading prime lamb producers. These dedicated lamb producers work closely as part of a strategic partnership with one of Western Australia’s leading lamb processors to produce one of Australia’ finest and most consistent Lamb products. Produced under an industry leading ‘code of practice’, the lambs are handled with a minimum level of stress and strict husbandry practices and delivered at an optimum weight and condition that ensure a high quality lamb product that is renowned for its superior leanness, tenderness and flavour.

90002 New Zealand LAMB French Rack
Min Order: 1 X 650 Gram Rack
A treat for any dinner table.
164.9 Dhs 107.153 Dhs
90003 New Zealand LAMB French Cutlets
Min Order: 1 X 300 Gram Pack (4 X cutlets)
A succulent morsel of Lamb with a small rib bone attached.
183.8 Dhs 54.6 Dhs
90013 New Zealand LAMB Leg Easy Carve
Min Order: 1 X 2.5 KG Roast
Extra trim Lamb leg roast with a single bone removed for ease of carving and to allow stuffing.
72.45 Dhs 181.125 Dhs
90012 New ZealandLAMB Leg Butter-flied
Min Order: 1 X 2.0 KG Portion
A beautiful Leg of Lamb butterflied and available in your choice of marinade.
80.85 Dhs 161.7 Dhs
90016 New Zealand LAMB Diced (Leg) Cube
Min Order: 1 * 500 Gram Pack
Great for curries and casseroles
80.85 Dhs 40.43 Dhs
90015 New Zealand LAMB Stir Fry
Min Order: 1 * 500 Gram Pack
Great for stir-fry and other Asian dishes
80.85 Dhs 40.43 Dhs
90030 New Zealand LAMB Mince (90% Lean)
Min Order: 1 * 500 Gram Pack
Ultra trim Lamb mince
68.25 Dhs 34.125 Dhs
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