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Our Grain-Fed Beef

Originally developed in Scotland in the late 1700's, Angus cattle have always been bred purely for the production of highest quality beef that is indicated by the smooth, closely-grained texture, carnation red colour and finely marbled fat within the lean muscle. Angus cattle are now the dominant breed in the major beef producing countries of the world where beef quality is considered all-important and is in fact the cornerstone of our high quality grain-fed beef that we source from Australia.

So whether you like your beef melt-off-the-bone tender, or simply flavorsome, at Prime Gourmet we are sure to have the perfect cut of succulent, juicy and tender Grain-Fed beef that could fit any meal or occasion.

30005 AUSTRALIAN ANGUS New York Strip Steak
Min Order: 1 X 600 gram Pack (2 X 300 Gram Steak)
Quite simply the perfect steak.
194.25 Dhs 116.55 Dhs
30008 AUSTRALIAN ANGUS Rib Eye Steak
Min Order: 1 X 600 Gram Pack (2 X 300 Gram Steak)
The ultimate balance in tenderness and flavour.
201.6 Dhs 120.96 Dhs
40003 AUSTRALIAN ANGUS Chateaubriand
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack (1 X Roast)
There is nothing more elegant or impressive than a roast-size fillet.
236.3 Dhs 118.13 Dhs
40002 AUSTRALIAN ANGUS Fillet Mignon
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram pack (2 X 250 Gram Steak)
So tender, you may not need your knife.
257.3 Dhs 128.63 Dhs
Min Order: 1 X 600 Gram Pack (2 X 300 Gram Steak)
If you prefer a steak with more robust texture and flavour, than this is for you.
94.5 Dhs 56.7 Dhs
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Steak
Our biggest boldest steak tale on half a kilogram of the finest Angus T-Bone.
147 Dhs 73.5 Dhs
40015 AUSTRALIAN ANGUS Bone-In Standing Rib Roast
Min Order: 1 X 2.0 KG Roast
The king of all roasts.
141.75 Dhs 283.5 Dhs
40022 AUSTRALIAN ANGUS Grain-Fed Stir Fry
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack
Tender strip soft Angus beef ideal for stir frys and other asian style dishes.
63 Dhs 31.5 Dhs
40024 AUSTRALIAN ANGUS Grain-Fed Dice Cubes
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack
Tender chunks of Angus beef, ideal for casseroles and curries.
63 Dhs 31.5 Dhs
40030 AUSTRALIAN ANGUS Grain-Fed Mince (90% Lean)
Min Order: 1 X 500 Gram Pack
Ultra trim Angus topside mince.
59.85 Dhs 29.93 Dhs
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